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What REALLY Annoys Us…!

It’s a special person who can get through an entire day without getting annoyed at someone or something. Modern life, on the whole, is a positive experience but from time to time (and those times are more frequent for some of us) we see or hear something that gets our goat!

It could be that the things that annoy us are simply small cogs in a far bigger wheel and can be explained by scientific theory – ‘x’ annoys me because of ‘y’, and the net result is ‘z’ – but more likely, it’s because those things are just really, really annoying!

Fingernails on a blackboard. People talking through films. Your mother’s Facebook status updates.  Unexpected items in the bagging area. The list is endless and we all have our own, but last week, online gaming site conducted a straw poll of 700 people to find out the 50 things that really wind us up.

Here is the list from 50 to one. Some you’ll agree with, some you won’t. Read through and mentally tick off the ones that do. You will either be angrier than you think you are or more accepting of modern society’s foibles than you think you are. Judge for yourself…!

50. Monday mornings
49. People who litter
48. Pigeons
47. Justin Bieber (genuinely shocked he wasn’t waaaaay further up the list)


46. Jimmy Carr (that laugh…)
45. Clocks changing in the spring and autumn
44. ‘Liking’ your own status on Facebook (bad form)
43. Cat poo
42. Speed cameras
41. Cyclists who don’t ride single file
40. Finding the start of a roll of Sellotape
39. Overseas call centres
38. Katie Hopkins (see #47…)
37. All-day delivery times
36. The Voice (presumably this refers to all ‘talent’ contests on TV)
35. Mobile phone conversations on the bus
34. Other people listening to music without headphones
33. Packed trains

32. Twitter trolls
31. Expensive mineral water (glorified Peckham Spring)
30. People putting their bags on train seats to prevent anyone sitting there
29. People who leave their phone on at the cinema or theatre
28. House prices
27. Slow wi-fi
26. Weather being news (a British institution)
25. Potholes
24. Incessant DFS adverts (do they ever NOT have a sale on? It that even legal?)
23. PDAs
22. Celebrity fitness DVDs (because we all have that sort of time to get into perfect shape)
21. Traffic wardens (who leaves school wanting to do that?)


20. Spam email (around 80% of all email traffic worldwide is spam)
19. Rude shop assistants (they’re rude because they work in a shop, go easy on them)
18. People who don’t stand on the right on escalators
17. People who talk in lifts
16. Small talk (harsh)
15. The One Show (more annoying that Justin Bieber? We think not)
14. Josie Cunningham (the girl who had a boob job on the NHS)
13. PPI calls
12. BO on public transport (or indeed anywhere, ever)
11. Bad grammar

10. People who do their shopping at petrol stations
9. Perez Hilton (he was in Celebrity Big Brother apparently)
8. Tulisa (something to do with music, drugs and fake sheikhs…)
7. Snow (eh? What? Snow is fantastic for kids but agreed, not so great for cars)

6. People who put the milk in first when making a cup of tea
5. Public transport
4. Slow walkers
3. Nigel Farage (perhaps because he’s a dead ringer for Sam the Eagle from The Muppets)
2. Queue jumpers (yet none of us have the guts to ever say anything)

And the thing that annoys us the most…

1.  Self-service checkouts

Google ‘things that annoy us’ and you’ll find a list of lists that are broadly similar, give or take a few anomalies but it turns out that on the whole, as a species, we do annoying things. That’s the long and short of it. Often the things that annoy us are not done on purpose (leaving indicators on, going to the shops and forgetting why you went, plane delays) but some of them are (selfies, not cleaning up after dogs, parking where one shouldn’t to save three seconds) so the message is, take a good look at yourselves and try hard not to do the things that annoy you about other people!

Interestingly, one of the things that annoys our clients here at Euracom is them trying to find apartments in London with other firms, which is why they all end up coming to us. We are the antithesis of annoyance and our customer service is second to none. That’s why our clients have been our clients for years.

They don’t get annoyed because they get precisely what they want, every time. Browse our website for the best student apartments in London, the best holiday apartments in London and the best corporate apartments in London and then call us on 020 8420 7666 or email today!

We’ll see you in March!

By Rob at 9 Feb 2015

There are 1 items on 1 pages.