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That’ll Be A Gazillion Pounds Please, Sir…

This month, Britain’s house prices have broken some unwanted records. The average UK home asking price has gone above £300,000 for the first time with six regions hitting new highs. In the North West the average price is £177,500 and in the West Midlands it’s a shade over £200,000 but in London, the average price for a home is a quite staggering £644,000. Six hundred and forty four thousand pounds – are you kidding?! A huge amount for sure, but mere pennies in comparison what the super-rich are paying for a roof over their heads…

Last week, we read an interesting tweet from a middle-aged guy in the creative industry. It basically said that when he started work in the late-70s, his salary was £5k pa and the flat he lived in cost £19,000. Now, people in his position then are earning between £25-30k and the same flat in south London costs £800,000. It’s insane how much house prices have gone up and the latest ‘deposit’ stat – there seems to be a revised number every few months – says that first time buyers need somewhere north of £60,000 in cash just to get on the ladder.

That’s a topic for another day, but once you’re on the ladder and you’re sitting pretty on the top rung, what’s out there for you?

A quick (almost voyeuristic) Google search of ‘London’s most expensive houses’ kept pointing us to one house once owned by a Saudi prince and the Prime Minister of Lebanon that went on sale in 2015. It’s a super-mansion in Rutland Place near Hyde Park and the numbers are simply staggering!

  • Price: £280,000,000
  • Bedrooms: 45
  • Size: 60,000 sq.ft
  • Interior Design: Alberto Pinto
  • Refurbishment Costs: c£50,000,000
  • Floors: 7


2-8a Rutland Place Interior © ProAuction/SWNS

From what we can gather, it didn’t sell and the owners decided to turn it into luxury apartments.

Another super-mansion made the headlines last year, this time in Upper Brook Street in Mayfair. Mere pocket-change in comparison to Rutland Place but this newly-renovated, seven-bedroom 21,000 sq.ft Regency mansion was on the market for £90,000,000.  It included a ballroom for 200 people, a mews home for staff, a 49-ft swimming pool, library, cinema, after-dinner bar (we’re not even sure what an after-dinner bar is), a master bedroom suite taking up an entire floor and it was described by a London property consultant as ‘a truly palatial home ideal for luxurious 21st century living’.


Upper Brook Street Entrance © SWNS

Of course £100m homes in London are rare but there’s no shortage of multi-million pound mansions to buy if you’ve got the cash. Even Zoopla are listing a 17,000 sq.ft, £45,000,000, 6-bed, 6-bath, 6-floor des-res in Mayfair!

But, while London is undoubtedly a very, VERY expensive place to live, these numbers pale into relative insignificance if we look further afield. Like with many exclusive asset classes such as property, classic cars, fine wine or art, getting exact sales figures are often impossible to come by given the fact that people with that much cash usually don’t want the likes of us to know what they’re spending!

Naturally, many of the world’s most expensive homes are in America and are (or have been) owned by celebs and business leaders, but how much are we talking about?

The Manor
Owner: Petra Stunt, Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter
Where: Los Angeles, California
How Much: £54,000,000
Features: 123 rooms, bowling alley, tennis court, gym, 56,000 sq.ft
Odd Fact: There are three rooms purely for gift-wrapping presents


The Manor ©

The Promised Land
Owner: Oprah Winfrey
Where: Montecito, California
How Much: £56,000,000
Features: 42 acres, 14 bathrooms, indoor AND outdoor theatres, 600 rose bushes
Odd Fact: The house was named after a Martin Luther King speech

Xanadu 2.0
Owner: Microsoft supremo Bill Gates
Where: Medina, Washington
How Much: £100,000,000
Features: 66,000 sq.ft, unbelievably high-tech, 60ft swimming pool, heated driveways
Odd Fact: The house was named after the title character’s house in Citizen Kane

The Playboy Mansion
Owner: Playboy legend Hugh Hefner
Where: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California
How Much: £138,000,000
Features: 29 rooms, five acres, grotto, zoo, home theatre
Odd Fact: If you buy the house, you have to let Hef live there

Villa La Leopolda
Owner: Lily Safra, Brazilian billionaire
Where: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
How Much: £485,000,000
Features: 19 bedrooms, 80,000+ sq.ft, tennis courts, bowling alley, 50 full-time gardeners
Odd Fact: King Leopold II of Belgium built the house for a mistress


Villa La Leopolda ©

Antilia Building
Owner: Mukesh Ambani, Indian billionaire
Where: Mumbai, India
How Much: £650,000,000
Features: 27 floors, 400,000 sq.ft, 168-car garage, 3 helipads, 9 lifts, 2-floor health centre
Odd Fact: 600 staff look after the property in a ratio of 1:100 (six residents)


Antilia Mumbai ©

By Rob at 1 Mar 2016

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