Need help finding accommodation in London?

Need help finding accommodation in London?

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 I would like to thank Robert for his awesome accommodation tip - a gorgeous studio apartment and for his great assistance and care before and during the stay. The location is just perfect - the tube s…  Read more ›

Evgeniya Mukhina, London, Jan 2019, (Russia)

 'We booked Sussex Gardens though Euracom for a three week stay, so we wanted to ensure where we stayed was the right place. The flat was in a great location, it was clean and very spacious. When we bo…  Read more ›

Lottie Anderson, Hyde Park Sussex Gardens, September 18 (UK)

 'We had a lovely time in your apartments. I was delighted with our stay. We loved the location and the spaciousness of the apartment'…  Read more ›

Aniere Khan, London, July 18 (Bangladesh)

 'Euracom have always excelled in providing great accommodation for me, there is never any confusion, and they provide a very clear and concise service.'…  Read more ›